Cycle Code inconnu

Curated by Marguerite Pilven

Solo exhibitions of Mischa Kuball, Theodoros Stamatogiannis, Cyrille Weiner, Magalie Daniaux and Cédric Pigot, Robin Meier, Nathalie Regard.

Code Inconnu takes the shape of a cycle of six monthly solo exhibitions taking space in the STUDIO starting October 2014. Specially commissioned in situ works will be presented, adapted to the spatial characteristics of the space. “The exhibitions form a parcours, a progression which, starting from the body, massive, will expire into language”. *

Each proposal is concise: one artist and one work in one space. By its sobriety, this proposal unveils the invisible structures that underline the experience of “being here”. From an anthropological view, to inhabit is first and simply “to inscribe time into space”. Thus, the exhibitions will dialogue with the visitor on a structural plane first and complete each-other. They develop a “poetry of space” which ranges from the most objective and material approach towards a more and more immaterial and interiorised one, linked to duration.

The exhibition forms a whole with the space that welcomes it, a unity of sensations which increase the conscience of time experienced some where.


* Jean François Lyotard, Les Immatériaux, Centre Pompidou, exhibition press release, Dec.1984

Project Space

From November 20, 2014 to December 20, 2014
Opening on Thursday November 20, 2014
“To occupy a space is an act of architecture”

Patrick Bouchain

Parallel to Mischa Kuball who inaugurated the Code Inconnu cycle with his installation on the ground floor of the gallery, Theodoros Stamatogiannis invests the the upper floor Studio. This greek artist lives currently in London, his work based on sculpture and architecture revisits the close bounds between these two disciplines that have nourished each other throughout art history. Greek temples, gothic cathedrals, Italian Renaissance palazzi, Art deco constructions, the minimalist research between space and sculpted volume as well as many contemporary architectures gain their complexity from this fertile dialogue.
Project space is a work made of wood to the exact measures of the exhibition space. With this large construction, Theodoros Stamatogiannis precisely sets the balance between sculpture and architecture, by building a common terrain of intervention for both disciplines, whose shape is as much influenced by the map as the relief. Project space alternates the gallery space by interfering with its architectural elements, thus re-programming its limits, nature and function.
The monumentality of the installation is paradoxically part of its discretion. By adapting the measures of the exhibition space, the work goes into hiding in order to change the visitor’s view and behaviour, similar to architecture.