From January 15, 2011 to February 26, 2011
Opening on Wednesday November 30, -1
The galerie laurent mueller presents a group show of young talents from France and Germany.
Akrasia: procrastination, incertitude, weakness of will, a state of mind in which someone acts against their better judgment.
But also to yield to temptation, to one's own pleasure. The pleasure of doing what one feels like, the pleasure to be an artist.

The artist has a need to create, it is an inner, deeply compulsive act. But, is it not also a form of akrasia when one is an artist? Being free is also an obligation, moreover, even though he might not act against his own judgment, is he not acting against the better judgment of society? To be an artist is always a challenge - a bet.

This first exhibition of only works on paper confronts four young artists, four styles, visions and many incertitudes, trials and errors. The works shown range from studies of volume and space, to preparatory drawings, spontaneous drawings, collages and the repetition of shapes and colors.
Logic is voluntarily absent from this exhibition, as much through the confrontation of styles as through the seemingly random hanging.