Medusa in Paris

From September 6, 2011 to October 29, 2011
Opening on Wednesday November 30, -1
The galerie laurent mueller presents the first solo exhibition in France by the german artist Sebastian Gögel.

Medusa in Paris is inspired by the 1930s and Jazz, but also by a fictive and idealistic past as present in our collective subconscious. Pleasure and cynicism are defining elements in Gögel’s work, who has built a stage-like casket which resembles a sarcophagus or a labyrinth, in order to display his view of the human psychology and vanity. Painting, drawing and sculptural works are combined in an installation which is intense and clear at the same time, a mirror of the world full of conflict and contradiction which the artist creates in his oeuvre. The visitor is confused by this pandaemonium which oscillates between social criticism, fake luxuriousness, appearances, corruption and inhibition. One wants to laugh, if only these topics where not too precise and too close to today’s morality.