From November 6, 2010 to December 18, 2010
Opening on Wednesday November 30, -1
The galerie laurent mueller presents Adam Ball's first exhibition in France.
Coexistence unites the latest body of work by Adam Ball, comprising new paintings, works on paper and cut outs.

The series concentrates on the abstract beauty of nature and the energy which can be found through it. Adam Ball starts from observations and photographs which he collects during hikes through nature in order to draw them into his work. The works shown are an essence of Ball's explorations throughout the world and mix Sri Lankan palm oil plantations, cemeteries or the oldest rainforest in the world; the Taman Negara natural reserve in Malaysia.

The resulting works are odes to life through the representation of nature as conveyor of life. Thanks to the acidulous color palette he employs, but also through his technique of mixing oil, acrylics and spray-paint in fine layers, Ball draws us back to our own meditations about the beauty of life.

This precise and meticulous treatment of surfaces, integrating layers, transparencies, ornaments and defaults, is this young talent's signature which is also reflected in his cut out work. These paper and felt cut outs synthesize Adam Ball's approach by trying to combine the fragility of beauty with the impossibility to frieze this natural beauty in time.